Sunday, 25 September 2016

IITM-Robo Revolution 2016

IITM Robo Revolution 2016 Swissnex, ETH Zurich, Workbench Projects

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AIDAT-M. Parvez Alam

Brief interaction with AIDAT Secretary, M. Parvez Alam

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Business Blogging-Kiruba Shankar

Brief interaction with Kiruba Shankar, Business Blogging Pvt Ltd

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SYC-NKT M. Jeyagopal

Brief interaction with NKT M. Jeyagopal, Satyananda Yoga Centre SYC

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PMI Chennai TN Project Management Conference 2016

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Marina Runnerz Marathon 2017

Marina Runnerz Marathon 2017 press briefing

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Launch of 16Leaves, release of books by children

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Balaji Lakshmanan-Leprosy footwear

Balaji Lakshmanan on 3D moulded footwear for leprosy-afflicted

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SICCI Southern India Chamber 106th AGM

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Assocham IFCCI interactive session on GST

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World Vision India-State consultation

World Vision India State consultation on health, nutrition

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BSR-S. Sethuraman

Brief interaction with S. Sethuraman, Partner, BSR & Co LLP, CAs

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FICCI FLO-KPMG-Women directors

FICCI FLO KPMG Women directors programme

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Aptus Value Housing Finance India Ltd press briefing

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IFMR-P. K. Biswas

Brief interaction with P. K. Biswas, Director, IFMR

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Maruti XISS NHRD 4th Awanish Dev Memorial Lecture

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Kumaran Sitaraman

Brief interaction with Kumaran Sitaraman, Hon Consul General of Iceland

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SICCI-Thorir Ibsen

SICCI interaction with Thorir Ibsen, Ambassador of Iceland

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Mohan Raman

Brief interaction with Mohan Raman, Actor

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Rotary-Educator Extraordinaire Award

Rotary Club of Madras RCM Educator Extraordinaire Award event

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

HCC-Ramesh Kumar Mishra

HCC interaction with Ramesh Kumar Mishra, IRS, CBDT

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KSRI-Sanskrit and TN-Day two

KSRI National Seminar on Sanskrit and Tamil Nadu day two

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EPFO-Vishwakarma Day

Vishwakarma Day celebration in EPFO

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IFA-Equalisation levy

IFA Chennai breakfast talk on equalisation levy by R. Sandeep Bagmar

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KSRI-Sanskrit and TN-Day one

KSRI National Seminar on Sanskrit and Tamil Nadu day one

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Piaggio-Aprilia SR150

Piaggio Vehicles launch of Aprilia SR150 by Stefano Pelle

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ICICI Prudential-IPO

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd press briefing on IPO

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Aahar 2016

Inaugural of Aahar 2016, food & hospitality fair

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Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres launch of new products

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UKSINet India workshop on industrial biotechnology

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CMA-Soft skills programme

CMA soft skills programme inaugural

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M&M-Bolero mHawkD70

Launch of M&M Bolero with mHawkD70 engine

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TCC-73rd Business Session

Tamil Chamber of Commerce TCC 73rd Business Session

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Knife & Impressions-D. Umasankar

Brief interaction with Knife & Impressions, D. Umasankar, Culinary Olympian

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Pre-fair press briefing of ITPO on Aahar, SICA 2016

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RPO-K. Balamurugan

Press briefing by K. Balamurugan, Regional Passport Officer

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Rajan Eye Care Hospital-Shripad Yesso Naik

Shripad Yesso Naik inaugurating Rajan Eye Care Hospital

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CASI-Donn Kabiraj

Donn Kabiraj, Hon Country Mentor-Dubai, CASI Global

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Public Speaking Made Easy

Book launch, Public Speaking Made Easy by G. Olivannan

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CII-Suminfra 2016-Day two

CII Suminfra 2016 Summit on Infrastructure, day two

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CII-Suminfra 2016-Day one

CII Suminfra 2016 Summit on Infrastructure, day one

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CII-Connect 2016

CII Connect 2016 press briefing

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18th IAOP, XXV IAOMP 2016 Conference

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National Institute of Open Schooling NIOS press briefing

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MDIS Vels press briefing on new twinning programme

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FIEO-SAIF-Business Forum

Consulate of Mexico

Inauguration of Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Chennai

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Inaugural of CMA pre-placement orientation programme

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

PreSense-Sansad Ratna-NEP 2016

PreSense-Sansad Ratna seminar on NEP National Education Policy 2016


FICCI-Bank vulnerability

FICCI seminar on vulnerability threats to Indian banks


PIB REC-Day two

PIB REC Regional Editors Conference, Day two


PIB REC-Day one

PIB REC Regional Editors Conference, Day one


Royal Orchid- Regenta Central Deccan

Royal Orchid launch of Regenta Central Deccan



CAG, WRI, PII seminar about reporting on energy governance



MCA, CMA, HCC programme on investor awareness



FICCI BRICS Trade Fair road show


Hast Karigar Trust

8th edition of Hast Karigar Trust’s exhibition Impressions


Amma Sports Foundation-First anniversary

Amma Sports Foundation awards event, first anniversary

Playlist details
1 - Event gets started @Ammasports Foundation First anniversary
2 – Lighting of the lamp @Ammasports Foundation First anniversary
3 – Prayer song @Ammasports Foundation First anniversary
4 – Introduction of Apsara @ApsaraReddy
5 - Apsara @ApsaraReddy addresses the audience
6 – Video about President of Amma Sports Foundation Committee, G. Veera Raghavalu (Veera)
7 - President of Amma Sports Foundation Committee, G. Veera Raghavalu (Veera) speaks
8 – Presentation of awards @Ammasports Foundation First anniversary
9 – Stand-up comedy
10 - Viswanathan Anand @vishy64theking being honoured
11 - Kris @KrisSrikkanth speaks @Ammasports Foundation First anniversary
12 – Awards for social work @Ammasports Foundation First anniversary
13 – Announcements about forthcoming events
14 – Speech by an awardee, urging students to take up sports
15 – Playing of a few songs

UN Women-Aishwaryaa R. Dhanush

Aishwaryaa R. Dhanush as UN Women’s Advocate for Gender Equality

Playlist details
1 – Opening remarks by MC
2 - Rebecca @rebeccaunwomen lauds the power of social media
3 – Introduction of Lakshmi Puri @UN_Women Deputy Executive Director
4 - Lakshmi Puri @UN_Women bemoans the continuing women's woes in S. India
5 – Photo op
6 - Lakshmi Puri announces Aishwaryaa R. Dhanush as UN Women’s Advocate
7 - Acceptance speech of @ash_r_dhanush, as @unwomenindia Advocate for Gender Equality
8 – Info about MoU with SBI Foundation
9 - Sanjukta Raiguru, MD, SBI Foundation @TheOfficialSBI speaks
10 - What's Planet 50-50? Lakshmi Nair explains @unwomenindia
11 - New wave of thinking to change attitudes towards women, says @rebeccaunwomen
12 - Lakshmi Puri intervenes to call for a greater participation by men
13 - What can private sector do for gender equality? Sanjukta Raiguru, SBI Foundation @TheOfficialSBI explains
14 - Women in media, & as filmmakers - @ash_r_dhanush speaks of her experience
15 - Rebecca @rebeccaunwomen proposes vote of thanks